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    Hoisting crane

  • capacity: 16т
  • lifting height: 19,0м
  • referene circuit: 4,7х5,2
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Key features

Emergency bosun’s chair levelling in an incident

Quick mounting/ dismantling due to special hook and make-and-break joint

Capability of 360˚ basket rotation towards the bogie hook

At operation with bosun’s chair dismantling of hook is not necessary

Electroproportional management from joysticks in a cabin of the operator and a cradle



Chassis characteristics

Chassis KAMAZ-43118
Axle configuration 6x6
Engine КАМАЗ-740
Number and arrangement of cylinders V8
Cylinder capacity 11762
Degree of compression 18,0
Engine out-of-work 221 (300)
Peak tourque 1275
Speed at maximum torque, rpm 1300
Gearbox КАМАЗ-154/ ZF9
Number of gears 10ст. / 9ст.
Breaking system Pneumatic
Tyre type 425/85 R21
Fuel tank capacity 210 + 210
Топливо Дизель

Crane characteristics

Crane model KS-45734-19
Load moment, tm 56
Number of boom sections 3
Boom length 19,0
Supportcounter size, m 4,7х5,2
Crane operation area, grad 240˚, 360˚
Crane boom, m 18,0
Load weight at boom telescoping 4,0
Jib extension length 7,0
Presision load-lowering speed 0,4
Load-lowering height 25,0
Time of complete luffing from max to min, sec 35
Time of complete luffing from min to max, sec 20
Crane operations controls рычаги
Safety instrument ОГМ-240
Access/ exit angle 35 / 18
Travel speed 60
Load lifting height at the main/ maximal boom 19,4
Maximal (main) boom length 18,0
Track in transporting/ operating mode 2,05 / 2,05
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Additional equipment

This crane can be supplemented
with the following equipment:

Gusek 7 m