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    Mobile crane

  • capacity: 32т
  • lifting height: 26,7м
  • referene circuit: 8,0х7,5
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Key features



Chassis characteristics

Chassis KAMAZ-43118
Axle configuration 6x6
Engine КАМАЗ-740
Number and arrangement of cylinders V8
Cylinder capacity 11762
Degree of compression 18,0
Engine out-of-work 221 (300)
Peak tourque 1275
Speed at maximum torque, rpm 1300
Gearbox КАМАЗ-154/ ZF9
Number of gears 10ст. / 9ст.
Breaking system Pneumatic
Tyre type 425/85 R21
Fuel tank capacity 210 + 210
Топливо Дизель

Crane characteristics

Crane model KS-55733-26
Load moment, tm 102,4
Number of boom sections 3
Boom length 26,7
Supportcounter size, m 8,0х7,5
Crane operation area, grad 360˚
Crane boom, m 25
Load weight at boom telescoping 6
Presision load-lowering speed 0,2
Rotating frequency 0,1-1,1
Load-lowering height 34
Time of complete luffing from max to min, sec 37
Time of complete luffing from min to max, sec 32
Crane operations controls side arms, Joysticks (option)
Safety instrument ОГМ-240
Hydraulic system tank 650
Master fuel consumption at crane operation 10,4
Access/ exit angle 32 / 20
Turn radius 12,1
Travel speed 60
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Additional equipment

This crane can be supplemented
with the following equipment:

Gusek 10 m